The main tasks of the leaflets distribution

by admin

Attracting attention;
The ability to clear and understandable to submit the necessary information;
The ability to hold the attention of interested customers;
The biggest success leaflets – attract and interest potential clients, generate interest in his proposed information.

From the above it becomes clear that the advertising effect of return obtained from leaflets, depends largely on professional design and quality performance leaflets, ie what determines the appearance of the leaflets.

If an advertising campaign using leaflets, is for the company or the company’s first experience of this kind, they often, for fear of the possible risk, allow a very important error – printing leaflets in small editions, to “try” the effectiveness of this method of advertising. While leaflet – a first contact means, it is necessary and print them as much as possible. You can save on paper, on the size of leaflets, but not on the quantity. Because the return on leaflets as a means of attracting customers, the more, the more circulation of leaflets and the more of these advertisements distributed.

As practice shows, on average, with thousands of leaflets handed out without a thorough analysis of your potential audience, the most suitable places for the distribution of flyers, leaflets good design and proper, clear and precise, promotional offers should be about five calls. Therefore, to ensure a high enough rate of return of advertising, it is necessary to pay careful attention to the selection of areas, bearing in mind your target audience, the social level of the area, the location of the main traffic arteries, the presence and the number of firms and companies are competing with you and advertises itself using the same methods and etc.

Avoid mistakes, and knowing the number of leaflets distributed around for a specific period, you will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. Do not be discouraged if the effect of it will not be very great. The response from the means of initial contact is always low, so we advise you to print leaflets on a thin coated or simple offset paper in bulk. For more information about the recommended number of copies and delivery of flyers you can read in the article “Unaddressed delivery and distribution of promotional materials.”

As a result, a brief overview of the basics of advertising with leaflets, we note that in order to make your promotional printing quality was always require detailed familiarity with the activities of the company, its objectives and its competitors on the market for goods and services. And the above recommendations are approximate.

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