Interesting facts about the leaflets

by admin

The term “leaflet” brings to mind the revolutionary struggle, because it is always flyer is the primary means of revolutionary agitation and propaganda. Now function leaflets certainly changed, though the function of propaganda leaflet continues to perform occasionally (especially during elections). From the printing point of view of the leaflet – it is just a piece of paper, the size of A4 and downward with any advertising information whose purpose is to find customers.

This type of print advertising the cheapest, because it uses only printing, no post-printing operations to the leaflet does not apply.

Subspecies leaflet flyer is having the same goal – to deliver information to the greatest possible number of potential customers. Interestingly origin of the term “flyer”. Like many of the terms of advertising printing, he came to us from abroad. This term comes from the word fly, that is angliytsski means “fly”. The fact is that in America before flyers were dropped from the high-rise buildings and scattered over long distances. There is another version of the origin of the word “flyer” – it means in English the word “fly”.

Nowadays Flyers have not scatter with high-rise buildings, and handed out on the street.